She really thought she might die, and if she had known about an illness called fried rice syndrome she would have gone straight to the emergency room. Instead, she tried to brush off her symptoms and go about her day.

Finally, when her symptoms persisted and got worse, she went to the emergency room and found herself in the intensive care unit. She now wants people to know about fried rice syndrome.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for a chef to allow the rice to sit at room temperature to keep it from clumping. But when this happens, bacteria can form and make those who eat it very sick.

Mobley contracted bacillus cereus, which is commonly found on foods that have sat out at room temperature and can cause, cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Though normally the disease is not fatal, Mobley had pre-existing health conditions that made her case severe. After her recovery, she had to undergo rehab for three more months which amounted to more than $100,000.

“You just never dream that you would go out to eat and get that ill,” the woman said.

Rice cannot be allowed to cool for more than six hours without risking the bacteria growth. Mobley has since hired an attorney to fight the restaurant that she claims almost killed her.

Mobley spent more than a week in the hospital and says she won’t be eating fried rice again any time soon. Asian King Buffet, where Mobley claims she got sick, denies that they were the problem.

Mobley also mentioned that she wants to bring awareness about bacillus cereus.